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Gentleman's Journal

Refine your winter wardrobe

Treat yourself to something extraordinary this winter. Take advantage and invest in these winter staples with exclusive promotional pricing.


Custom-made shoes...a MUST for discerning gentlemen!

Whether you need a specific size or width, or even different sizes for each foot, our custom shoes service ensures a comfortable and precise fit that off-the-shelf options can't rival with.

Unveiling The Best Of Neapolitan Tailoring In Montreal

We are thrilled to announce about our exclusive partnership with Saint Gregory’s, an atelier rooted in the heart of Naples, dedicated to the tradition of Neapolitan tailoring excellence.

Rediscover the experience of luxury and comfort with our custom knitwear collection

We invite you to rediscover the unparalleled luxury of our custom-made 100% cashmere knitwear, lovingly handcrafted in Italy by Paolamela.

Customized perfection… Meet the overshirt

In our commitment to providing you with exceptional style and quality, we are proud to introduce our latest line of made-to-measure products: the overshirts.


Fall into Luxury - The Timeless Appeal of Flannel Fabrics

Versatility & Elegance

Flannel offers unmatched versatility. From impeccably tailored suits for your boardroom appearances to relaxed yet refined trousers, it seamlessly transitions between professional and casual settings.

The Art Of Fall Fashion, Crafted For Your, Tailored For Autumn

Rediscovering Casual Luxury

In a world of evolving dress codes, we invite you to embrace the essence of casual luxury. At Arthur's, we believe that comfort and sophistication can coexist beautifully. This fall/winter, experience the perfect blend of relaxed elegance.

Get Cozy with Fall Fashion, Let’s plan ahead of time!

As summer slowly wanes, it's time to set your sights on the perfect fall wardrobe. Planning ahead is key, and we're here to guide you through the process of curating your ideal seasonal style.

Linen Shirts. The epitome of summer fashion.

Linen shirts effortlessly blend style and comfort, making them a must-have in your summer wardrobe.

Redefining luxury - Casual shirts for the summer

When it comes to styling the perfect summer shirt, the possibilities are endless. Button-downs, polo shirts, mao collars and short sleeves are just some of the options offered to create a look that perfectly suits your needs and personal preferences.

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