Bespoke Menswear Trunk Show:

Visiting Calgary since 2007, we offer Calgarians our services from the comfort of one's office or at the Westin Calgary Hotel.

Get fitted for your custom suits, shirts, shoes and cashmere sweaters. Request an appointment by filling out the "Book your appointment" form.

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September 10-11

October 15-16

November 26-27


We will be staying at the Westin Calgary Hotel, located 320 - 4th Avenue SW, in the Waterton room, on the 17th floor. Upon booking your appointment, we could either greet you at the hotel or, for your convenience, we could meet you at your office, within the downtown core of Calgary.

Location: Westin Calgary Hotel, Waterton room or Office visits


How we work

Our first meeting will allow us to understand your style and your specific needs. We will assist you in picking out colors, patterns, fabrics and garment options that best fit your character and your lifestyle. We will then take thorough measurements which will be recorded on your individual file.

BESPOKE SUITS, JACKETS & TROUSERS - We will prepare your jackets and trousers for a fitting session for our next trip to town.

BESPOKE SHIRTS - We will prepare a special muslin shirt for a fitting session for our next trip to town.

MADE-TO-MEASURE SUITS- After taking your base measurements, we will have you try-on your appropriate size for jacketing and trousers. We will then conduct a thorough fitting, noting down precise modifications that need to be made. On our next visit, we will have you try-on the finished garments and make sure that everything fits perfectly.

MADE-TO-MEASURE SHIRTS- After taking your base measurements, we will have you try your appropriate size, 2 different cuts are available per size. Your collar, sleeve length and body length will be adjusted. Then we will pick fabrics, collar style, cuff style and options. Final order is placed and processed.

CUSTOM SHOES - We will measure your feet and have you try-on a few pairs of shoes to find the perfect fit. Furthermore, we will take note of any modifications that need to be made to your shoe last in order to provide a perfect fit.

CUSTOM SWEATERS - You first pick your favorite model. Then, you try on your appropriate size for sweaters, offering up to 6 different sizes. We will then take note of all the modifications that need to be made in order to provide a perfect fit. You will then pick model and colors. 

What we offer

The most reputable fabric collections from Europe including Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Cerruti, Piacenza, Ariston, etc. for suiting; Alumo, Ermenegildo Zegna, Grandi & Rubinelli, Canclini and Testa for shirting.

All natural accessories for your bespoke suits and sports jackets including Italian mother-of-pearl buttons, English horn buttons, bemberg or Italian silk linings, horsehair canvas, silk buttonhole threads, etc.

Extreme detailing for shirting including single needle stitching, Australian mother-of-pearl buttons, high quality 100% cotton floating collar interlinings from Switzerland, matching stripes and patterns over shoulder, sleeves and sleeves openings, etc.

Made-to-measure SAMUELSOHN Suits, sports jackets & trousers - Choose from a luxurious selection of the finest wools, softest cashmeres, Italians silks, cottons & linens.

Custom shoes & belts. Pick your favorite leathers, colors, styles and details to create one-of-a-kind shoes & belts that fit right AND match!

100% cashmere custom sweaters, made in italy by Paolamela, renowned makers of the finest cashmere sweaters in the world. Over 20 styles. A spectacular selection of 175 colors to choose from.

Repeat your order

Once we have your measurements and paper patterns in place, re-ordering new garments becomes a breeze.

Upon our next visit - All you need to do is pick out your favourite fabrics and within a few weeks, you will receive your garments.

Mail order service - If you can't wait until our next visit, you simply e-mail us or call us with your request. We will prepare a selection of fabric swatches according to your needs and you could receive them the next business day. Once you get them, you simply let us know which fabrics please you and production will start right away on you order. For inspiration and new ideas, you could visit the gallery or be supplied with pictures of finished garments.

Visiting Montreal ? - If you're in Montreal, briefly pass by our showroom on Crescent Street and it would be our pleasure to show you our vast selection of fabrics and pick out a few of your favourites.

Prices & details

  •  Made-to-measure: Suits - $1,595, jackets - $1,240, trousers - $420, shirts - $185 (minimum 3).
  • Bespoke: Suits - $3,300, jackets - $2,500, trousers - $795, shirts - $295 (minimum 3 plus $100 muslin fee).
  • Custom shoes - $695, belts - $295.
  • Custom sweaters, 100% cashmere - $795

*Prices are dependant of fabric qualities and/or models chosen.