The craftsmen's approach

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If you live in or frequent city centres, you're no doubt familiar with large fashion chains and smaller yet impersonal ready-to-wear retailers. Generally found in a busy mall or street, these stores tend to mirror the hustle and bustle of their surroundings. Rushed profit-driven customer services as well as a lack of expertise and experience are common pitfalls of these salesmen. Choosing garments that are right for you should be a relaxed, thoughtful, specialized, and above all, pleasant experience.

At Arthur's, you're dealing with passionate craftsmen who are well-versed in the fit, fabric, construction, style, and smallest details of each garment. This intimate knowledge is derived from actively participating in the production process, carefully following your garment from first cut to final stitch.

Arthur places artistry back into clothes production, knowing the medium well. We understand that certain fabrics may not be appropriate for certain body shapes or characteristics. For example: men who have thick beards or facial hair ought to avoid soft woven shirts because the collar will wear out quickly due to extensive friction. Or, an individual with strong back and shoulder muscles will need a little more room on the jacket's back or else the garment's fabric will strain.

It is important to know the limitations and possibilities of a given design. Can the pattern deviate from its original draft in terms of fit? Can custom details be added? These and many more of your questions will be expertly addressed. This approach is one that values dialogue while using skill and know-how to help you achieve a look and fit you will be happy with.

Instead of reaching quotas and commission, boosting sales margins, and pushing out stock hastily, a focus on repeat business and reputation brings fashion back to its traditional community-based roots. When excellent service inspires customers to return again and again as well as to make recommendations to their friends and family, it becomes clear that word of mouth is a more meaningful endorsement than flashy advertising.

With over four decades of experience, Arthur's legacy of craftsmanship and commitment to client satisfaction make for an exceptional retail experience. Visit us today or contact us for your appointment.


"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to lose it. If you think about that you will do things differently." 

Warren Buffett