The Secret to Getting the Perfect Fit

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The perfect fit is first and foremost the fit that's right foryou. It is truly a subjective concept, since everyone has a unique body, which may include: curves, heavy or slim bones, muscle mass, sensitive areas, and in many cases, discomfort caused by past injuries. Personal preferences as to how a shirt should fit are also of importance; you ought to feel both comfortable and confident in your clothing.

So, what's the secret? In a word: muslin.

Muslin is a fabric used by tailors that essentially acts as a draft. Following an initial consultation where you will have expressed your likes, dislikes, and past experiences as well as had thorough measurements taken, your personal paper pattern is created from scratch and transferred onto the fabric. 

When the muslin shirt is ready, a fitting session takes place where the shirt is literally molded onto your body exactly the way you like. Corrections are pinned to the slightest details and imperfections are re-worked.

Once this fitting process is finalized, work begins on your first shirt. After delivering it to you, you will be asked to have the shirt laundered and worn at least 2-3 times. Upon your confirmation, the balance of your shirt order is produced, thus delivering a consistent and perfect fit.

You may now see how having the final shirt measured, cut, and fitted right away may not be ideal in terms of fit, and consequently, how creating a muslin shirt first is truly integral to a superior and authentic bespoke experience.