FAQ - Comfort and Fit

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Here are a few examples of some of the common issues we face regarding the fit of bespoke shirts.

I have a short neck, my collars are too high and uncomfortable, what do you suggest?

We will take 4 measurements of your neck alone and provide you with a fit that's right for you. You will need a short collar foot, on the sides and back especially. The stiffness of the collar will also make a difference, we will advise you of the ideal thickness that will provide you the comfort you seek.

I have a belly but a small chest and neck size, I always end up with too much material around my chest, underarms and shoulders, what do you suggest?

We will make a special cut for your body type and make sure we eliminate any unwanted materials on your back, on your chest and around your shoulders. We will provide you with a comfortable fit around the belly to give you enough space when you sit, allowing you more fabric in the front and less in the back.

I work out and have a full chest with strong back and shoulder muscles. I find it very tight behind my shoulders and too baggy around my belly and seat section, all the material bunches up around my belt line. What do you recommend?

When taking your measurements, we will thoroughly check for your strongest points on your body and provide you with enough fabric in those areas to avoid pulling on your fabrics. For the belly and seat sections, we will trim down any unnecessary material and give your shirt that V-shape; your shirt will have a clean look around your waistline when you tuck it in and thus will complement your body shape.

I always have difficulty buttoning my collar; it seems they never make it easy enough to button up.

All of our shirts come with a hand-mounted collar button with a small shaft elevated enough to give you more space to button your collar.

I like to wear thick watches but they seem to barely fit under my cuff, what do you recommend?

When measuring your watch side, we will go over your watch to make sure it slides smoothly under your cuff. If you have watches with different thicknesses, we will either take an average or the largest size you have. This will also allow your cuff to last longer.

The contact point between my neck and my collar seems to wear out very quickly because of my beard, what do you recommend?

We will first advise you of a more appropriate fabric that will resist more to friction. Furthermore, we will reduce the height of your collar in the front and on the sides. This will minimize contact with your beard and make your collars last longer.

I always have too much fabric around my underarm, it gets very uncomfortable especially in the summer. What do you suggest?

Among the many measurements we take is the deepness of the armhole. We consider this while cutting your pattern and it results in a clean line all around your shoulder and around your underarm. This is one of the major problems of off-the-rack shirts; the unwanted material bunches up around the armhole. When you wear your suit, the armhole of your jacket will pull up all that bunched up material and your shirt cuffs won't show the way they're supposed to.

I think one of my arms is longer, how can you solve my problem?

For many people, one arm is longer or one shoulder is lower than the other. We note down those key observations during the measuring session and consider them when creating your pattern. Moreover, we will adjust your pattern with even more precision during your fitting session, hence providing you the comfort you need.