One of Corneille's favorite destinations

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Condo Direct, a Quebec real estate magazine, recently ran an interview with famous singer and songwriter Corneille, discussing about his personal and family life. After periods of intense work, he enjoys unwinding and enjoying the finer things in life... and of course, Arthur's is one of his favorite destinations. Here is what he had to say (translation).

"Last but not least, Corneille loves visiting Arthur the Tailor's prestigious boutique. The level of knowledge and expertise of the Der Shahinian family is well reputed and they boast a very loyal clientele.  "Sofia's father introduced me to Arthur's, he noted. Paying special attention to our dress shirts is a family tradition, my father taught me about wearing cufflinks at a young age!" Corneille trusts all of his custom dress shirts to Arthur's. "I enjoy picking the fabrics, the collar styles and even the stitching details." The end-result: a personalized style that earns him many compliments in his environment."


Click here to see the complete article (in French).